What is the difference between life coaching and psychotherapy?

Although there are some similarities in that we help individuals solve problems and change their lives, Life Coaching is different from therapy, or counselling mainly because we do not treat issues like depression, anxiety, mental illnesses and addictions. We work with healthy individuals.

Although we do acknowledge the past, we do not dwell much on it, unlike in Therapy where you work with a Health Care Professional who analyses your past as a tool to understand present behavior, revisit any past traumatic event or the origins of a self-destructive habit to help facilitate your healing.

Therefore, what you are working on in Therapy is towards becoming a whole functional individual, whereas in Life Coaching you want to develop and maximize your present experience. Therapists focus on why things happened, and the treatment or resolution of an issue, Life Coaches focus on how you can live better.

Where can people find a reliable life coach?

There are several Life Coach Directories online including;



Most Coaches also have online, and social media profiles and it helps to get a recommendation from someone who has used a life coach before.

How do you know you are getting value for your money?

Most reputable Coaches are members of recognised professional bodies such as Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA). They go through checks and adhere by the code of ethics and standards of competence as laid out by the organisation. There is also constant supervision and professional development.

There must be a Coaching contract in place that states duration of coaching, fees involved, process to be followed and cancellation terms.

You know you are getting value for your money when you start seeing positive changes in your life that is your thoughts, feelings and actions change for the better. You have a clearer vision for life, the process is solving your problems or resonates with something that was buried deep within you, or you have more resolve to go after what you want in life.

What does it take for one to become a Life Coach?

You must have a passion for people and for life in general, to be someone who has a hunger for self-development, empowerment and who wants to see a change in Society. It must be someone who finds it easy or natural to inspire, motivate or guide others in their life journey. While for some it’s a calling, formal Training goes a long way in broadening the Coaching ability and understanding of Client’s needs

When can one study as a Life Coach

There are many places that offer this course both for online and classroom certification. Below are some of the best life coach training providers in the country.