In simple terms, how would you define manifestation to someone who is unfamiliar with the concept?

Manifesting is visualizing and declaring what one wants and setting out to help the universe make it happen. 

How exactly does one manifest their desires (be it love, money or good health)? What are some of the steps that need to be taken?

First step is to visualize your idea, that means you have to have a picture of what you want in your mind, exactly how you’d like it. It is important for you to be specific e.g. if it’s a car, to picture the model and make of the car, the Colour, and number of seats etc.

Second step is to believe you will get it. You cannot manifest anything you do not believe is possible.

Third step is to ask for it, you could do so in prayer or by writing it in a journal, or by pasting pictures of your desires on the wall where you can see them daily or by talking about it with your friends and family members. You have to be vocal about your desires.

Fourth step is to be open to receiving whatever you asked for, be it working hard towards achieving it or removing elements in your life that may cause resistance to it.

Through manifestation, the act of asking from the universe takes place. What are some of the things which one can do to better understand how the universe works?

It is thought that the universe is always working to support us, it is for us and not against us. One must pay attention to the signs along the way through listening for example. Sit alone in solitary meditation and listen to the inner voice, that inner whisper within you, it has guidance that is specific to each individual.

Paying attention also means being aware of what is happening around you, patterns or occurrences that could mean something in your life. For example, if one is looking to own a specific car, and they keep seeing it everywhere they go, similar make and colours, it could mean that the universe agrees with you and heard your request. All you have to do is to keep seeking ways to own it, knowing the higher powers are working with you.

To better understand how the universe works, look again at people you’d consider to be role models, or successful people you admire, what character traits do they possess, in order to one day stand in their shoes, what needs to be done in your own life, perhaps its perseverance, maybe it’s hard work, maybe it’s honesty, or risk taking, maybe it’s not subscribing to what society says is right and daring to be no matter what. Study the people in whose paths you’d like to follow and start to emulate some of their strategies. If the universe rewarded them, it means they did the right thing.

When someone manifests something, is there a certain period of time within which they can expect a response from the universe?

No. There is no set time period for manifestation to occur. People are different. Their goals, dreams and desires are different too. The steps needed to get to what they want differ too. The lessons they need to take at each step differ too. One may manifest something within a week, others may take years. Life is not a one size fits all. Each of us must go through our own unique individual journeys. One way to make the process quicker and a little smoother is to show willingness and participation. If one is clear, open, ready, available and cooperative, things become much more easier. There’s a saying that goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

What are the top 3 myths or misconceptions about manifestation, and what is the truth behind them?

That manifestation is for certain people, or that one has to be of a certain religion or set of belief or that it’s for specific things only – The truth is, anyone, anytime and anywhere can manifest anything they want to, if they ask, believe and are are open to receiving it. It’s not only about money, material things or romantic partners, it is possible to manifest health, peace or joy. 

That the idea of manifestation is a wrong, bad or sinful thing. That people have to wait for life to happen- People anywhere can choose their life experiences and it is possible to influence the direction and trajectory of their lives through certain constructive actions and positive belief systems. 

That manifestation is hard or time consuming. There is no need to obsess over what you are trying to manifest. Once you visualize and declare your desires and open up channels in your life for the universe to work with and for you, you can go about your normal day to day life and the universe will surprise you when you least expect it!

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