1. Do not seek perfection or balance

Searching for it willonly make you feel guilty, frustrated, and inadequate. Instead, be mindful and flexible about both your career and family life.

  1. Share the load

Parenting is teamwork! One of the biggest sources of resentment is when one parent is excluded from household duties and the other is pulling the weight all on their own. There is no manual out there that divides duties neatly between spouses.

  1. Do not attempt to be a superhero, get help!

As much as we would like to take care of everything, the truth is, we cannot do it all by ourselves. When we overexert ourselves, we not only exhaust but demotivate ourselves in the process. Get help with housekeeping, laundry, babysitting, the kid’s homework or even meal preparation.

  1. Establish practical routines that suit your unique circumstances

Approach parenting, the same way you would approach a work strategy. Map out activities, goals and deliverables for the week and get everyone on board.

  1. Master your time management and multi skilling

Use your time wisely. Focus on your work and get as much done as possible, that way you do not have to carry work home. Get enough sleep and do not stay up too late at night.

  1. Cherish the moments with your family

Take a lot of photos, collect memories, laugh more, establish family traditions that encourage bonding and inclusion such as having dinners together, fun and games over the weekend or plan for your holidays. These will strengthen your bonds, teach your children family values, and create a sense of identity!

  1. Have me time

When you can, pamper yourself and spend time alone to recharge. Do things you like to do and have fun! It is not being selfish, it is self-care. You, much like everyone else needs to be shown appreciation.

  1. Set aside time for romance

It is important for couples to always find time for each other no matter how short-lived. Constantly communicate each other, a call or text during the day will keep you in each other’s thoughts. No matter how busy you can get, make time for each other.

  1. Have a regular status update meeting once a week

This is to manage assumptions and resolve the many issues that arise during the week, big or small in an interactive environment where everyone has a say and their opinion is valued and taken into consideration. Get comfortable talking to each other and take notes for future reference and for follow up.

  1. Reparent yourself through your own children

Give your children what you wished for as a child. That way you get to relive your childhood through them and correct the mistakes or injustices of the past.

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