1. Give your best in life but don’t be ashamed to demand that which you are giving.
  2. Fight for yourself and protect your right to be here but don’t get too haughty for correction and change. 
  3. Believe in yourself but leave room for learning and growth.
  4. Be generous but always pour into yourself first. Be strong for yourself and others but don’t lose yourself.
  5. Compromise but don’t lose sight of your values. Be a fixer and peacemaker but know when to quit.
  6. Be brave, take risks but don’t let failure define you.
  7. Accommodate people but be discerning.
  8. Acknowledge and celebrate others but don’t reduce yourself.
  9. Teach and empower others but let them choose their own paths. It’s okay to want the best for others but you can only fix yourself.
  10. Forgive easily but insist on corrective action.

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