Once in a while, look in the mirror and say this to yourself:

  1. I forgive myself and others for things done and not done.
  2. I own my past. I did my best with what I had at the time.
  3. I accept that no one and nothing is perfect, including myself.
  4. I vow to discover, accept and develop myself daily.
  5. I change what I can and accept what I cannot.
  6. I let go of all that doesn’t serve me including past relationships and shattered dreams.
  7. I allow myself to make mistakes. I constantly rebuild my life.
  8. I look back at my past, the things I have achieved and lessons learnt with pride.
  9. I vow to be an inspiration to those around me.
  10. I will no longer set impossible ideals for myself.
  11. I will view myself, value myself and love myself the way God views, values and loves me.
  12. I am ready, eager and excited for tomorrow! There’s just so much to do!

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