Research ways of keeping fit. It is easier to keep fit than to attain a certain body shape or be skinny. Those are by products of the journey and can be achieved at a later stage. Your primary goal should be getting healthy.



  1. Make a list of recommended foods for a healthy diet.
  2. Make a list of foods to avoid or reduce.
  3. Draw up a new shopping list.
  4. Make a Weekly Meal Planner for your home, stick it up in the fridge and try to follow that.
  5. Avoid having consecutive “boring” days. Spice things up by doing healthy options with exciting treats in moderation. Do not change all your days, commit to 3 at first, increasing as you go along.
  6. Have a list of go to treats ready. These can be your old-time favorites or newfound healthy options.



  1. Research ways of losing weight. From the 101 options on the internet, choose a handful that feel doable in your context and start there.
  2. Make an Exercise Planner. Stick it where you will be able to see it in the morning.
  3. Remember to alternate your days between exercise and rest.
  4. Do not do anything too strenuous for you. Tip: Always include the word beginner e.g. beginner push ups, beginner sit ups etc. If unsure, follow You Tube tutorials.
  5. Reward yourself with a treat after each exercise.
  6. If it is helpful, get an exercise partner.

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