1. Have a gratitude Journal or Jar.” I’m thankful for….”This will show you that it is not all that bad.
  2. Say positive affirmations to yourself -Rewrite the negative mental soundtrack.
  3. Have a rewards system, appreciate yourself, give yourself a pat on the back -To bond with yourself.
  4. Listen to or read more from your role models and people you respect. Feed your mind goodness. Identify the weeds and pluck them out.
  5. Write down your values and passions to create your best life, remind yourself daily what you are about. From these, your goals will be born. Slice them thinly into doable tasks and start with the easiest.
  6. Try new activities and make visible changes to your daily routine -Give your mind new evidence. Expand your life experience.
  7. Remember the younger happier you -To activate that little spark in you. Remember what you were like and what you wanted to be.
  8. Acknowledge all your positive and good qualities -To exercise your confidence muscles.
  9. Change what you can and accept what you cannot. This will help you manage expectations and be realistic. Let go of your past and declutter your life.
  10. Set aside time for you during the day. Have some me time rituals to activate and encourage your commitment to yourself.

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