Do you know what your goals are? Have you set them? Goals can be anything you don’t have and want e.g. a car, a house, a degree. Goals can also be anything you have and don’t want e.g. a toxic relationship, body fat and lack of confidence.


It’s difficult to diagnose why you may be stuck or easily quit on your goals.

  1. Maybe it’s the environment you live and work in that doesn’t provide you with inspiration to do anything. Maybe it’s depressing or demotivating. Maybe you don’t have enough support around you.
  2. Maybe you are conflicted and have issues preventing you from doing what you need to do. Maybe you need to resolve some things first. Maybe you have a lot going on or are hurting or were traumatized. Maybe you need to grow or change or heal.
  3. Maybe it’s the things you do. Maybe they look glamourous and great, but they don’t ring true to who you are. Maybe they are not authentic to you. Maybe they aren’t in line with your talents and gifts. Maybe they work in theory but don’t work on the ground. That’s why you lose steam quickly.

Here are some tips as you introspect on the exact causes and try to resolve them.

  1. Use visual things such as boards, where you cut pictures and paste them where you can see them morning and evening. Or simply paste reminders of to do lists by your bed or desk.
  2. Speak to people you respect and trust and ask them to check up on you say every month and see how you are doing with your tasks.
  3. Hang around wise and positive people and see how they do what they do.
  4. Think about what you want to be in 10yrs time and use that as a fuel to work hard now.
  5. Evaluate your life and remove things that steal your time and energy or meaningless things or toxic friendships.
  6. Don’t try to do many things at once or bite off too much, do one small thing at a time and achieve things bit by bit.
  7. Reward yourself for every little thing you do. That will motivate you.
  8. Get to know yourself very well and do things that align with your likes and wants.
  9. Read positive books and watch inspirational DVDs, feed your mind goodness.
  10. Use affirmations, chant twice a day the things you want to believe about yourself e.g. “I am beautiful, I am loved, I am loveable, I have potential, I am a hard worker, I will succeed” etc. This will rewrite the negative mental scripts and replace them with positive ones.

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