Shy 2

  1. Prepare well in advance. Practice at home, research, have some points of discussion handy.
  2. Be accustomed to listening to your own voice. It will build your confidence muscle and you practice eloquence and can hear yourself think and speak.
  3. If put on the spotlight, or to avoid being put on the spotlight, be interested in the other person and listen and ask questions rather than speak about yourself.
  4. Choose general topics over personal topics
  5. Scan the room and find the kind, supportive face and hold on to that. When speaking, hover above people’s heads as opposed to seeking eye contact.
  6. In social gatherings, find the person who mirrors you or looks like they will complement you in a safe way, strike up small talk with them to assess compatibility.
  7. If unsure, ask for more time to respond
  8. Have some diplomatic exit points handy for awkward situations e.g. I need to use the bathroom:-)
  9. Always speak from the heart, to the heart.

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