Young people often worry that they are not doing the right thing when it comes to job search or that they are not trying hard enough. Here are some tips to ease your mind and put you on the right track!


5 CV Writing Tips

  1. Always include a good quality face picture of yourself. We now live in a visual age. Employers handle bunches of Cvs daily; one with an image is most likely to stand out. Remember to smile!
  2. Avoid mentioning salary expectancy on the Cv. Industries and job specs differ, so leave that to the negotiations after the interview. Most job adverts come with a salary offer. If asked use ranges instead of one figure. There’s a salary you know you can’t work for, and one you know you really want, but since we can’t sell ourselves short and we can’t always get what we want in life, be sure to compromise something in the middle.
  3. Accompany your Cv with a good cover letter. This is where you sell yourself by highlighting all your skills and how you can add value to the organisation.
  4. Avoid using fancy fonts, styles and colours on your Cv. It must be formal, presentable and professionally done. Stick to a length of not more than 2 -3 pages. Save it as Pdf to maintain its original format when sent via email.
  5. Include contact details, employment history, work experience and educational qualifications. Always check for spelling and grammar mistakes before sending.

Where to apply?

  1. Apply for advertised vacancies through;
    1. website portals such as Pnet and Career Junction
    2. newspaper classifieds
    3. social media networking
    4. employment agencies
  2. Apply even if there is no advertised vacancies through;
    1. Emailing H.R. departments directly
    2. Personally dropping off your Cv at nearby companies

Ask them to keep your Cv on file in the event that a vacancy may arise in the near future.

Taking care of yourself

Maintain a positive attitude; be confident, smart and pleasant. Hang around people who inspire you to be better and remember hard work and resilience pays off. On interview day, arrive on time, do not be late, and avoid wearing bright colors and excessive jewellery. Keep make up to a minimal and apply deodorant to keep fresh. Research the company first so you know what to expect.

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