Paying customers are looking to get value for money. Excellent Customer Service is what will set you and other businesses apart and improve your sales figures. It does not matter how low your prices are, if the customer service is poor you will still lose out on repeat business and when you have outstanding customer service; happy customers are more than willing to pay for quality and a pleasant experience!

Here is how to master Customer Care!

  1. Train your Staff

It is important to ensure that your Staff members are trained in how to interact with customers and how to solve problems in a professional manner. Capitalise in effective and reliable training tools and on-going refresher courses. When staff members are properly trained, they feel empowered and motivated to serve to the best of their ability.

  1. Create a warm welcome

Companies who create a personalised service not only attract new customers but are able to retain their customer base. Invest in friendly, patient and courteous Staff. Add a few extras such as offering a cold glass of water on a hot day, or a children’s play area.

  1. Know your Products or Services

It is important that the Staff know your products and services in and out, how they work and how they benefit the customer. It is also important to honour your commitments and do what you say you will do.

  1. Polish your Internal Organisational systems

Set clear goals and expectations so there are no misunderstandings, regularly communicate with your Staff and find out what challenges they experience. Rectify problems and maximise on your strengths. Have a clearly defined and uniform company culture.

  1. Know your Customers

Know your target market very well. What they look for in a product and what their buying habits are. This will put you in a great position to not only match their needs but exceed their expectations! Build Trust by focusing on Customer Relationships and not Sales.

  1. Get Customer Feedback and Solve Problems

Remember the customer is always right. Invest in easy and swift communication channels such as a suggestion box, customer surveys and feedback forms. Ensure management is easily accessible and reachable to resolve any matters timeously when the need arise. Use the feedback to create a better experience and improved service.

  1. Use Social Media wisely

Capitalise in well run platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram where you can post about your current specials, discounts and new products around the clock. Posting recklessly can easily tarnish your image. Engage with customers responsibly, with great diplomacy and prudence.

  1. Look after your Staff

Treat employees as you would treat your Customers. Employees take on more responsibility when they know they are appreciated and are an important part of the team. Give generous pay, benefits or various incentives. Also offer public recognition to Employees who have done well.

  1. Show Appreciation to your Customers

Always say thank you after each transaction, this will make the customer feel noticed, respected and valued. This is one great way of building customer loyalty. You may write personalized Thank-You Notes or make a follow up phone call.

  1. Recognise your most frequent customers!

Give your best Customers the VIP experience, keep track of their preferences and let them know when new merchandise arrives that they are likely to be interested in.

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