Ever been stuck at home and didn’t know what to do with yourself? Boredom is frustrating and often leads to unplanned spending! Check out these 25 ways to turn those dull days into exciting, productive, creative and memorable days of your life!


  1. Update your CV or online profiles
  2. Check your finances for savings and expenses
  3. Research ways to make more money e.g. new business or investments
  4. Create a bucket list for all the things you want to accomplish in life
  5. Create a happiness Jar for all the beautiful memories that fill you up with joy
  6. Write in your journal or read previous entries
  7. Read a book
  8. Review or update your shopping or to do lists
  9. Look through old family pictures
  10. Learn a new language or skill
  11. Put together a package to give away to someone in need
  12. Pamper yourself, soak in a hot bath, paint your nails etc.
  13. De-clutter your closet, clean your place or rearrange your furniture
  14. Do some exercises or take a walk
  15. Do an outdoor activity e.g. plant a tree or vegetable garden
  16. Get creative! Do a puzzle, crossword, draw or colour in
  17. Listen to your favourite music playlist
  18. Watch your favourite DVD or TV Programme
  19. Call or chat to a family or friend
  20. Research ways to bump up the romance
  21. Write a thank you note to a friend, family member or your mentor
  22. Cook your favourite meal
  23. Plan for your next holiday
  24. Volunteer your time and energy at a shelter or old age home
  25. Take a nap

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