Happiness is life’s most cherished goal. It makes all our life’s goals and pursuits meaningful. Are you in search of happiness? Here are 20 tips to find happiness in your life.

  1. Nurture yourself and love yourself
  2. Create your own happy moments and cherish them
  3. Manage your expectations and desires
  4. Exercise
  5. Think positive or different thoughts, desist from blaming others, look within
  6. Be realistic and live in the present
  7. Examine and focus on your feelings, pay attention and heal
  8. Go on holiday
  9. Change your beliefs and environment
  10. Acknowledge all your good and positive qualities
  11. Remove money as a motivator or measure of success and happiness
  12. Consider happiness as an obligation
  13. Make a list of people who inspire them and attempt to emulate them
  14. Awaken and nurture your spiritual side
  15. Contribute without expecting anything back
  16. Keep a gratitude journal
  17. Spend some time doing what you like, live your life from a place of passion and purpose
  18. Have a good night’s sleep
  19. Adopt a pet
  20. Read books that make you happy

2 thoughts on “20 ways to find Happiness

  1. Happy Molefe says:

    Hello ive followed you on facebook i always looks forward to your posts, inspiring good for thought that make me look my life in new way and im finding myself…
    Thank you

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