I got the idea of keeping a God Jar from Iyanla Vanzant for things that are beyond my strength i.e. prayer requests. To sort of free yourself and say God, handle this one for me. I then got the idea of keeping a Happy Jar from Elizabeth Gilbert, for all your happy moments you want to bottle up, and then you keep going back to it and re-living them over and over again, doubling the happiness again!

What’s happening here is that, whenever I go back and open the God Jar, and re-read the little folded notes, I find one or two of those prayer requests have either long been ANSWERED or aren’t relevant anymore. So I take it out and paste it onto my Journal as an Answered Prayer! As a testimony and as a reminder of God’s presence and work in my life and also as a way of expressing my Gratitude.

On the other hand, Whenever I open my Happy Jar and re-read the little folded notes, apart from the resulting happy tears and huge smile, I find, I want to add MORE happy moments! So God Jar decreases and Happy Jar increases! More Answered Prayers, More Happiness!

I realised our minds like to cling onto what is negative, they look for proof of what is wrong and because of that we dwell in darkness, even when surrounded by light, we just cannot see past our own limitations and the obstacles we have created for ourselves. We just ourselves harshly and put ourselves through endless self-flagellation. Therefore, we need to feed our minds daily with positive empowering affirmations. It’s like a steering wheel, left to its own devices, we would crash, we need to consciously and deliberately drive our lives!

With the two jars, you have undeniable written evidence of love, happiness, progress, light and guidance!

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