Looking for love?

Are online dating apps disappointing you? Are you done with blind dates? Try the human touch instead! Even better, try a qualified and experienced matchmaker! Love is a delicate feeling and the important decision you make about who you spend your life with, ultimately determines the quality of life you will both have. Let me help you find both Yourself and your Soulmate all at once!

With over 20yrs of marriage, and 10yrs working as a Life Coach and Relationship Expert, allow me to share my wisdom gathered over the years to put your desires into words, refine your search and help you find the right person for your personality and needs.

My affordable registration fee includes:

  1. Unlimited match making with hundreds of other carefully vetted hopefuls.
  2. A One-on-one Self-discovery Session before your first date.
  3. 2 Relationship -building Sessions with your potential partner.
  4. Unlimited question and answer sessions throughout the courtship.

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