1. The law of cause and effect -We reap what we sow
  2. The law of creation -We create our own experiences
  3. The law of humility -Own all your experiences, good or bad in order to forge new paths
  4. The law of growth -We can only change ourselves
  5. The law of responsibility -Take responsibility for the path you play in all situations
  6. The law of connection -We are all connected. Everything is connected
  7. The law of focus -When we focus on one thing at a time we can do so much
  8. The law of giving and hospitality -Practice what you preach and walk the talk
  9. The law of here and now -Be fully present in order to have a rewarding life
  10. The law of change -History repeats itself until we learn the lesson
  11. The law of patience and reward -To achieve greatness, one must be patient and persistent
  12. The law of significance and inspiration -Our gifts add value to the whole. We all matter

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