1. Oneness -We are two different individuals moving in the same direction with one purpose and one voice.
  2. Separate Entity – “Leaving and cleaving”. We create our own family that does not necessarily have to resemble where we come from or the opinions of our friends and family.
  3. Partnership /Interdependence– We work together, each part is important, each part has a role to play, and each part depends on the other.
  4. Equality -We are equal. There is no one superior or inferior. We are on the same level and deserve the same amount of love, respect, attention, care, and support.
  5. Reciprocity -We get what we give. We give what we get. We complement each other.
  6. Empathy -I am happy if you are happy. I am uncomfortable if you are uncomfortable. You are a part of me, and I am a part of you. I always vow to be responsive and aware.
  7. Transparency -There will be no secrets or pockets in the relationship. We are both open books. I am willing to let you in and include you in all that I do, vice versa.
  8. Nourishment -Both our emotional and intimacy needs are met in a satisfactory manner.
  9. Consistency /Stability -The quality of our relationship does not change regardless of circumstances. It remains solid and is the same in good times or bad.
  10. Communication -We can easily express ourselves, be heard, hear each other, and understand each other’s point of view while always seeking the best pathways or mutually beneficial solutions for our challenges.

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