1. Hallo and Welcome!
  2. I’ve been waiting for you
  3. I’m so glad you’re here
  4. I’m sorry
  5. I see your pain
  6. I hear you
  7. I’m listening
  8. I understand
  9. It’s okay
  10. You’re okay
  11. You deserve better
  12. Please forgive me
  13. You did your best
  14. I forgive you
  15. I love you
  16. I trust you
  17. I believe in you
  18. I’m here for you
  19. I invite you to stay with me
  20. We will heal together
  21. We will grow together
  22. We will learn new things together
  23. We will create good things together
  24. We will go places together
  25. We will fix things
  26. We will change things
  27. You’re doing great!
  28. I’m proud of you
  29. Thank you for being you
  30. Thank God for you!

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