You are going to have to be creative, flexible and open minded to get to where you want to be. Try many options, do not be limited or imprisoned by your qualification. Do not be afraid to rewrite your life story.

  1. What can you do? What are your qualifications, strengths and skills? What work experience do you bring to the table?
  2. Where can people like you work? What kind of companies or industries?
  3. Is your CV and Cover letter professionally done? Where possible include a face photo in either the CV or cover letter.
  4. Are your social media profiles on point? Do they communicate that you are qualified, experienced and looking?
  5. Expand your job application platforms. Online e.g. Pnet, Career junction, newspaper classifieds, social media networking, social networking, employment agencies, and applying to HR departments even if there are no vacancies. Ask them to keep your CV on file in case a Vacancy may arise soon.
  6. Are you barking at the right tree? Assess your strengths and skills and see if you are applying for the right job.
  7. Expand the industries you apply to. E.g. an Accounting graduate tapping into Marketing or Admin. Look at what subjects you studied for your qualification and see what other jobs or industries you can tap into as opposed to being narrow focused.
  8. Target small to medium businesses because they do not have an influx of applicants unlike the big companies. Use Google My Business or Maps to find businesses near you.
  9. Ace your interview questions! Practise beforehand and know how to answer adequately and correctly so as to impress the interviewers.
  10. Grow where you already are. What opportunities are there on the next level? What do you need to get there? Are there any short courses that can help you get there quicker? What skills are in demand? How can you make yourself invaluable? Start low and work your way up.
  11. Low level positions are great for skills building and learning as well as stocking up on experience and good references. Wherever you find yourself, make sure you’re learning something new.
  12. Could your natural gifts and talents help you to earn a living? What are you good at? Something that you don’t need an education for. Writing? Photography? Comedy? Sport? Painting? Speaking? Etc. What can you make, create, change, improve or sell? Do what you love to do.

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