1. Try to get to know your workmates better. Start with a simple greeting or ask questions. Be friendly and polite. Listen and pay attention, use positive mannerisms.
  2. Try to be more open, for them to get to know you better. You could start with small talk about the weather, current affairs or the economy. When comfortable talk about your family or childhood experiences. Avoid being aloof, it may come across as arrogance.
  3. Find out what your employer’s fears or trigger points are and avoid or minimize them.
  4. Find out what your employer’s likes and deliverables are and prove your capability by doing more of that and doing it well.
  5. Integrate with the rest of the team and adopt the organizational culture or vibe, i.e. do not wait for someone to make you part of the team, intentionally become part of them. This is a better strategy as opposed to being the black sheep. Do not stick out like a sore thumb and be the odd one out. Move with the flow.
  6. During meetings, participate, let your voice be heard. If you fear being judged or lack the confidence to speak up in a group of people, have your ice breaker or disarming one liners ready. You can either:
    1. Participate, let them know your opinion. “I may be wrong but I think……”
    2. Ask questions. “I’m new to this concept, could you please explain some more….”
    3. Agree with someone. “I think so too…”
    4. Disagree with someone. “I respectfully beg to differ and I stand to be corrected…..”

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