The inner world reflects on the outside. When you can be responsible and disciplined in private, you will be empowered to make changes publicly and motivated to go for even bigger challenges. The key is to start slow, start small and start easy. This will keep you in the game and you will not fizzle out quickly.

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Almost everything in our lives is interlinked. Baggage in the closet is baggage in almost all aspects of you life. Decluttering in the closet is decluttering in almost all aspects of your life. Once you START you become stronger, more courageous, and ultimately unstoppable.

How do you start doing anything practical? You start by writing it down, declaring it on paper, planning it until you are comfortable with how it looks and until it starts to look doable. Just like we need a GPS when going to unfamiliar territory, you also need a solid, stable plan for reference. Do not venture out blindly into the dark. Writing things down also helps you to assess and self-critique before confirming anything.

Beginners crawl before they can walk or run. This keeps things at a pace you can handle and maintains compassion and kindness towards yourself, you being the greatest and most valuable asset for change.

We lose confidence in ourselves when we forget how powerful we are. We forget how powerful we are when the mind lacks evidence that suggests so. The mind gets starved of (new) evidence when we spend too much time doing the same old monotonous, robotic and mundane things. We can change that when we can do one thing per day towards personal development. By the end of the week, the mind gets the memo, the old you has officially left the building and there’s a new you in town! A curious mind is a cooperative mind. A cooperative mind is a creative mind.


Tips for Boosting your Self Confidence

  1. Have some me time during the day where you block out any noise and just be with yourself.
  2. Try new activities and learn more about yourself.
  3. Choose your tribe, move towards kinder or like minded people.
  4. Use affirmations to install positive mental scripts e.g. I am working on making myself better. I am capable of change. I can improve my life. I am an excelling professional. I am a good friend etc.
  5. Feed your mind goodness through inspirational or self-help books or Dvds.
  6. Adopt new skills. Develop yourself. Embrace knowledge. Take a short course. Learn a new language or craft.
  7. Be open minded, open to feedback and open to new information.
  8. Practice Gratitude. Focus on what is going right in your life. This will give you the boost to do even more. Consider a Journal or Gratitude Jar.

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