Effects on Relationships


The virus has brought about fears and anxiety. Lockdown has brought about frustration and confusion. People have become a little more sensitive than usual, more tense, more on edge, more snappy, more defensive and more volatile. Relationships will be tested during this time. Thread carefully, even some of the usual jokes will no longer be funny. People are bound to take things personally now.

The relationships that will survive are those that have mastered the balance between being together and being alone. Know how and when to be together, how and when to give each other space, how and when to be alone. If your partner snaps, forgive easily, if you temporarily lose it, apologize easily. Love, love and love some more! Be kind, be compassionate, be understanding and be supportive. Let’s vow to emerge post lockdown, whole, sane, united and determined to stay together!

Individually Benefits


The 21-day Lockdown has its disadvantages economically, but as the President said, it will hopefully slow down the pandemic and keep us all safe collectively. During this quiet period, we will be able to introspect and assess where our lives are going. Recalibrate and remember our natural gifts, God given talents and inner skills. Reassess and review how we have been spending our time and money. Remember what’s important, that is our family and loved ones. Spend more time talking to each other, taking care of each other, doing things together and rekindling our bonds. We will also get to refuel and recharge because most of us are tired and depleted. It does not have to go to waste. We can use this time to relook our lives, find ourselves, find our peace, strength, courage and meaning.

21 Things to do at home, in a Lockdown:

  1. Update your CV or online profiles
  2. Check your finances for savings and expenses
  3. Research ways to make more money e.g. new business or investments
  4. Create a list for all the things you want to accomplish when life gets back to normal.
  5. Create a happiness Jar for all the beautiful memories that fill you up with joy
  6. Write in your journal or read previous entries
  7. Read a book or bible
  8. Look through old family pictures
  9. Put together a package to give away to someone in need
  10. Pamper yourself, soak in a hot bath, paint your nails etc.
  11. De-clutter your closet, clean your place or rearrange your furniture
  12. Do some exercises or take a walk
  13. Do an outdoor activity e.g. plant a tree or vegetable garden
  14. Get creative! Do a puzzle, crossword, draw or colour in
  15. Listen to your favourite music playlist or Watch your favourite DVD or TV Programme
  16. Call or chat to a family or friend
  17. Write a thank you note to a friend, family member or your mentor
  18. Cook your favourite meal
  19. Volunteer your time and energy at a shelter or old age home
  20. Pray
  21. Take a nap

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