Option A (Use your Education)

Apply for advertised vacancies through;

  1. Web portals such as Pnet and Career Junction
  2. Newspaper classifieds
  3. Social media networking
  4. Employment agencies

Apply even if there is no advertised vacancies through;

  1. Emailing H.R. departments directly
  2. Personally dropping off your Cv at nearby companies. Ask them to keep your Cv on file in case a vacancy may arise soon.

Option B (Follow your Calling /Purpose)

What do you do when you’ve spent years in college /university, graduated and years later, you are struggling to find the job you studied for and have sunk into depression and hopelessness? If there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that there is always Option B. We were all born with natural gifts /talents. Others call it a calling /passion /life purpose. It usually differs from what we studied.

In fact, most people will admit that they studied the wrong thing and their inborn resources are their only true path in life. We see these people among us, who did not stop at Option A, the photographers, writers, chefs, sculptures, dancers, preachers, musicians, comedians, athletes, actors etc. They all agree it’s very exciting and fulfilling. Some people live off Option A only, some Option B only, some both A and B. It’s all Okay!

Option C (Start Low, Work your way Up)

What if you don’t even have the qualifications required? Or the experience needed? And what if you can’t identify your passion? My advice to you is, start LOW and work your way UP. When you are drowning in the river, you hold on to the first branch or rock out. You don’t get to choose what saves you.

Get up, get moving and get a job, any job. Your dreams will catch up with you along the way. We have heard many success stories of people who say they started out as waiters and now own hotels, or they started out as shop assistants and now own their own shops, started off as a nanny, now owns a preschool or started out as cleaners in companies and are now in Top Management etc. Yes, it can be done.


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