Characteristics of a Saviour or Fixer Mentality


  1. People pleasing at their own expense
  2. Saving or fixing others
  3. Wanting others to see things, the way they do (Shoulds)
  4. Fear of rejection
  5. Fear of being wrong
  6. Fear of hurting others
  7. Defining themselves by how much they can help, save or fix others
  8. Their good deeds cloud everything they do
  9. Avoiding conflict and confrontation
  10. People find it easy to walk all over them (they end up becoming doormats literally)
  11. Saying yes to depletion
  12. Inability to say No

How NOT to say Yes to everything


  1. Recognize what you are looking at
  2. Assess the situation objectively
  3. Say how you truly feel without consideration of how it will be received
  4. Be confident about how you feel (No Self-doubt or second guessing yourself)
  5. Tell others how you truly feel, do not misrepresent the truth or facts
  6. Set Conditions and Boundaries (“This” will make me happy)
  7. Hold people Accountable to those Conditions and Boundaries
  8. Formalize and legitimize what matters to you
  9. Give Ultimatums (If this does not happen, this will happen)
  10. See where you can compromise, if at all
  11. Let people Choose their own paths (A: Yes, B: No)
  12. Map way forward in any case (if it works out and if it does not)
  13. Be okay about standing in your own truth no matter what happens
  14. Putting your own feelings first and foremost above what others feel
  15. Have a no regrets policy when doing what makes you happy
  16. Separate your personal life from your professional life
  17. Appeal to their humanness, speak from the heart, to the heart, be kind and polite always
  18. Help people in a healthy way that does not compromise yourself or them
  19. Choose people who share the same beliefs as you
  20. Remove people or things that make you unhappy. Practice good self-care

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