What if you have a plan, but just can’t get yourself to do simple tasks? You could be feeling demotivated.

Reasons for lack of motivation include:

  1. Lack of an effective time management plan
  2. Lack of discipline
  3. Lack of an inner push
  4. Lack of rewards or incentives
  5. Lack of positive influence or mentors
  6. Feeling overwhelmed
  7. Feeling conflicted
  8. Having a lot of distractions and energy vampires
  9. Replaying old patterns
  10. A negative mindset
  11. Feeling inhibited or constrained in monotony
  12. Unhealed past wounds


How to get yourself motivated!

  1. Have an effective time plan
  2. Commit to that time plan
  3. Have some me time rituals every morning and or evening
  4. Implement a reward system for yourself
  5. Work with a trusted mentor or reputable Life Coach
  6. Break down your goals into smaller tasks
  7. Remember what’s important (your values)
  8. Declutter your life
  9. Make visible changes to your daily routine
  10. Practice gratitude and positively affirm yourself
  11. Expand your life experience by adopting new habits or activities
  12. Work on healing and letting go of your past

Doing this will go a long way towards boosting your morale and helping you achieve your goals


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