1. Take a walk, do nothing, take a deep breath, pray or journal.
  2. Nurture yourself, exercise, eat well, drink some water, get some sun and sleep well.
  3. Feed your mind goodness through inspirational or self-help books or dvds.
  4. Give yourself rewards to keep yourself motivated.
  5. Say positive affirmations or thoughts.
  6. Do more of your hobbies or interests and have some fun! Spice up your life and laugh!
  7. Do what you love to do. Remember what you used to do when you were still a child.
  8. Hone your natural talents e.g. Sewing, Cooking, Photography, Singing, Dancing etc.
  9. Create a work -life balance.
  10. Find new good habits. Do what scares you. Change routines and try new activities.
  11. Adopt new skills. Develop yourself. Embrace knowledge.
  12. Network. Be open minded, open to feedback and open to new information.
  13. Make a difference. Use your time, money, voice or effort.
  14. Ask for Help. Say No more often and Yes to you. Master communication /diplomacy and boundaries.
  15. Turn negative experiences into lessons or a springboard for something better.
  16. Be flexible, embrace change and go with the flow.
  17. Practise Gratitude.
  18. Give from your excess, help others to help themselves.
  19. Choose your tribe. Find idols and let their qualities rub off on you.
  20. Declutter, remove distractions, switch off the tv and radio and take a break from the internet.

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