When you detach from your authentic self, the fire in your spirit eventually gets depleted and this results in stagnancy, self-worth issues, self-doubt, self-blame, limited vision, mental exhaustion and fear of failure or rejection. It is not life’s blows that determine our direction but what we do about them. It is possible and necessary to get up and fight for yourself. Here’s how:

1) Let go of the past. Bury what you cannot change. Reframe negative experiences positively by extracting the lessons they taught you.

2) Remember what it is you always wanted to do and strive for it.

3) Enlarge your mental faculties to accommodate dreaming, exploring, possibilities and alternatives in life. Don’t analyze ideas to death before they see the daylight. Wake up and go do what you can. There are many different routes to your destination.

4. For ideas to come to fruition, you need to be of sound health and the environment must be inspiring.

5. Start small, where you are and gradually grow.

6. We are creative beings made up of our passion, natural talents and education and we can use any or a combination of these at any given time to achieve our goals.

7. The most important person in your life is you. Put yourself first. Help others while helping yourself. This will add value to your efforts further enriching your spirit.

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