“Most mountains seem insurmountable until you begin climbing. Then it’s not scary anymore. I’m a big fan of trying because I know that when I take the first step, I collapse my fears and prove my inner cynics wrong. With each step, it becomes easier and I get stronger and more confident. Decide and declare something, then set out to do it even if it means moving an inch a day, it’s a start and when you slip, you still get wiser. How else would you know if something is the right fit for you? Go on, take the leap. Jump in!” -Thembi Hama

“My first one man show only had 20 people but those 20 people came to see me so I told myself that if I impress them, they will definitely go tell 1 friend and my next show will have 40 people. We kept on repeating the same formula till we had 68 000 people a soccer city stadium” -Cassper Nyovest

  1. Turn your worries into work

Let your worries inspire you to perfect your craft, research and put in the work. Check how others are doing it, watch you tube videos, follow the experts, emulate winners and school yourself. When you are confident, it becomes easier for you to present to others. This also inevitably instils an excellent work ethic.

  1. Turn your fears into gratitude

Whenever you are called in to speak, an interview, appearance, job or service, be grateful that you were chosen amongst many others, set out to prove that those who selected you, made the right decision. When you have the same passion for a small job as you would for a big job, soon your gains will overflow.

  1. Imagine success

Imagine people cheering at your performance, think about the various incentives that await you when you do your work well, it could be exposure, financial rewards or more experience. This will serve as a positive boost for you.

  1. Imagine the worst

Indulge your brain and imagine the worst that could happen. This way you can face not only how ridiculous your fears are but how impossible they are.

  1. Look at the evidence

Keep a catalogue of complements and document all your good works. This will remind you of your ability to perform well.

  1. Take action

Put one foot in front of the other then it gets easier. This will collapse your fears, prove your abilities and determine if something is the right fit for you or not. Even If you slip, you learn from your lessons and gain wisdom to do better in future.

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