Perhaps you wonder why you lack the energy and the drive to do anything in life. Maybe you feel restless, unhappy and lack direction in life, or you are starting this and finishing that. Most often than not, we misdiagnose our condition or medicate the symptoms.

The secret to peace and success is when the outer world matches the inner world. People who are not in sync with themselves are public successes but private failures. Since your energy comes from the inside and not from outside, you might as well befriend yourself. A man at war with himself cannot get any meaningful thing done.

Live your life from the inside out. Cultivate a habit of sitting in silence and listening to what’s going on inside you. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. If you honor your feelings life becomes more personal and real.

When you find yourself unhappy in the middle of doing something, stop and check why you feel this way and then proceed to do the necessary changes to arrive at the peaceful and joyful space again.

Do not put more value in external things like people, money or things, rather value yourself and cooperate with your inner vision. With you on your side, you are unstoppable and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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