Your calling or life purpose is the reason why you are here. It is also known as your passion, that strong inner urge towards a particular way of life or course of action. It is a divinely ordained life path that cannot be easily explained or understood. It guides our life, decisions, influences behaviour, shape goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning. It has been described as the key to success, happiness and fulfilment in life.

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While identifying a calling is a personal, unique endeavour, below are some of the signs or clues that you have found it:

  1. It starts off as a whisper and then becomes a roar. It cannot be ignored and won’t go away.
  2. At first it will scare you, or seem impossible, irrational or ridiculous. You are not afraid to take risks, you are pulled into the mystery and you go all in.
  3. It is familiar to you. You’ve always known, from an early age that you wanted to do it, you are naturally drawn to it and people have been encouraging you to pursue it. You surround yourself with like-minded people.
  4. It complements and fits perfectly in your life. It does not complicate your existence.
  5. Only you can do it perfectly. Others cannot copy or steal it from you. You cannot copy or steal it from anyone else either.
  6. It does not feel like work. You love doing it and it never tires you no matter how challenging.
  7. It gives you butterflies in your tummy, and you light up with excitement when you talk about it. In fact, it hurts not to do it.
  8. It’s usually self-taught; you probably did not professionally train for it. You may even ditch your educational qualifications for it. You are a natural expert; you do it flawlessly and with ease.
  9. It gives you tremendous peace, passion and satisfaction when you do it. You no longer feel like something is missing.
  10. Money though possibly a by-product, is not a motivator; you could happily do it for free. You thrive in being of service and it positively impacts others.

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