Each morning, you have the opportunity to edit and rearrange your life. Do not rely on the world to pump life, love and hope into you. Life is personal work. Instead of depending on your circumstances, or reacting to what others are doing around you, know that all the time, you have the power to determine the shape, direction and quality of your life.


Choose to be a winner and not a whiner. Do not give negativity any attention, rather learn from it. Pain comes to teach us something or to help us grow. Use suffering as a currency to catapult you to a better life. When you experience loss, grieve for as long as you need, but do not extinguish your own fire.

Always strive for a better life. It is normal to experience fear when embarking into unfamiliar territory; but it is a disservice to the self not to try at all. Your desire to succeed must be bigger than the cost you have to incur to get it. Your wish for a healthy and happy life has to trump all doubts, fear and stagnancy.

Surround yourself with love. Set boundaries for how you would like others to treat you. Forgive yourself for past flaws and forgive others for what they may have done to you in the past. Victimhood and blame keep you stuck and hinder any future progress. Be comfortable with not winning everything, not getting everything and not being liked by everyone.

Reward yourself for every accomplishment you make in life. It could be in a small way or a big way, either way, give yourself a pat on the back each step of the way to make you feel appreciated and acknowledged. Help others to overcome their own tribulations, but never give to your depletion. If you have to, always take from your excess.

Mind your own business. Check your thoughts and make sure they are healthy positive thoughts. Accept yourself and embrace your flaws. Change what you can and celebrate the quirky bits that make you unique. Use your skills and energy to develop yourself. Keep fit physically, mentally and spiritually. Trust your gut feel and be your own best friend. Root for yourself even in the most challenging of situations. Focus on what’s going right and marginalise it, for that is where your inspiration and motivation will constantly spring from.

Have Faith in a Higher Power and ask for guidance, wisdom, peace and love. Acknowledge your blessings, make a list and paste them where you can see them daily. When you practise gratitude, you will realise you have more and are worth more.

When your actions are a daily controlled, conscious and deliberate inclination towards light, positivity and happiness, you will begin to see changes for the better, and when you practice this quite often, it becomes ingrained in your very identity and who knows, perhaps your very environment too.

You are what you have been looking for!

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