We all have to make a living to survive in today’s world and it is not always easy to leave a job that pays the bills. It’s easy to become content with what we have, but contentment can quickly become complacency. Sometimes we wait too long to recognise that a job situation is not a good fit. We give excuses, or surrender to feelings of inadequacy and we toughen ourselves through the misery because it’s easier to hold on to a bad situation than to venture into the unknown. Staying in a bad job is not always the right decision and can have so many negative consequences to our health and relationships.

If these signs sound familiar to you, it may be time to re-evaluate your goals and circumstances and perhaps make that next move.

  1. You dread going to work

Waking up is a mission, you drag yourself through it looking like a lamb going to the slaughter. You are either absent or late more than ever before. Your family is inundated by endless sighs and complaints and the bad energy from your job has slowly begun to seep into your close relationships.

  1. You’re at loggerheads with others

You no longer enjoy the company of your workmates, they annoy you and you prefer to be isolated for most of the day. You go through many lengths not to bump into anyone by the printing station or coffee machine. You are having heated arguments over petty issues.

  1. You’ve an inner battle

Inwardly you know you are no longer enjoying your job, you know you are no longer adding value or getting fulfilled by it and you know you have to leave but your stagnancy is causing you a lot of misery and perhaps even insomnia. You are stuck at crossroads and are having pretty strong internal debates about which way to go. This has begun to affect you physically; you are getting random and sudden stomach upsets or headaches.

  1. You have an escape

You have a newfound escape, you are playing computer games or you spend a lot of time on private calls or social media during work hours. You are already fantasizing about being in another job and are working less and playing more. As a result, work piles up and you are forced to take the load plus the frustration home and the endless cycle has become your new unpleasant reality. You no longer have time to do the fun things you used to love.

  1. Your job no longer challenges you

Reaching the limits of your job removes the incentive. When you can’t move up, you find the job less exciting and less motivating. Perhaps you are underpaid, or were passed up for promotion or your best skills are not being utilized. You no longer believe in the corporate culture, or it’s no longer aligned to your core values. You have stopped caring, lost your passion and are simply no longer trying. Bad reviews from management don’t faze you anymore.

It could be time to update that CV!

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