The Eagle symbolizes courage, wisdom, power and spirituality. It is chief over all winged creatures. There is a lot we can learn from the Eagle. Here is some of its valuable wisdom we can apply in our own lives.

  1. Fearlessness: Eagles never surrender to its equals or prey. We can learn to never back down and face life head on.
  2. Tenacity: When the storms come, Eagles do not fly away and hide, they go into the wind, spread their mighty wings in the storm and fly to greater heights where they can glide smoothly. We can learn to use our challenges, heartaches and pain to grow and be better.
  3. Good vision: From its gliding height, an Eagle is able to clearly see everything from a distance; this allows it to effectively capture its prey. Our lesson is to have a clear and achievable vision for our life.
  4. High Flyer: An Eagle soars high above the clouds; it does not fly at the level of fellow birds like the pigeons. We can learn to rise above mediocrity and never to expect people to build us up or applaud us. We must take full responsibility for our lives and aim to achieve our goals.
  5. Feeding habits: Eagles don’t eat dead meat, they are hunting birds. They only consume fresh food they have hunted themselves. This teaches us never to settle for other people’s ideas and ideals; to feed our souls, spirit, mind and body with positive, kind and loving ideas, thoughts and dreams.
  6. Tough training skills: When a female eagle trains a chuckling to fly, she pushes them off the high cliff as many times as necessary, and while they are scared at first, when she pushes them off, they learn to fly until they are completely fearless. Our lesson is that the more times we try at something, the better we get at it and the easier it becomes.
  7. Ageing and re-birth: When an Eagle becomes old, weak and is slowed down, it gives itself time for healing and re-birth alone in the mountains. It sheds off its wings, talon and beak and waits patiently until they have been restored and is strong enough to fly again. This strenuous and painful process is not in vain, as it increases the Eagle’s lifespan by another 30-40 years. Life is tough, rough and draining. When we take hard knocks, we need to stop and go and be alone, re-assess our journey, take stock of the good and the bad, and re-assess where we are and where we are going in life. Once we are able to re-set, revive; rebuild our minds, body and soul, we will be able to continue with our journey, better prepared, more energized, more willing and eager.  And remember, the process of re-birth, metamorphism, transformation and evolving into a stronger and better you, is an ongoing process for as long as you are alive!

 Go on already, Majestic Eagle!


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