Affirmations are thoughts, words or phrases that are constantly repeated until they enter the unconscious mind and become part of your programming.

These affirmations will help restore your confidence, strength, courage, motivation and fill you with hope. They will reframe your life experience positively and change the internal dialogue you are having with yourself. Paste this next to your bedside where you will see it and recite it daily before going to bed and every morning when you wake up. You can also meditate on one of them each day.

  1. I have hope. I look at the future as possible and exciting. I have a sense of adventure and curiosity. I am not afraid of taking risks.
  2. I am self-confident, I believe in my capabilities. I can create all the situations that make me happy.
  3. I desire change; I aspire for a better life. I yearn for and work towards Success, Comfort, Peace and Happiness.
  4. I have empowering beliefs and a positive internal language. I can and I will be and do what I want and need.
  5. I let go of dead things that no longer serve me. I embrace all things that are here to help, teach and love me.
  6. I reconnect with a Higher Power, knowing that I can do nothing with my human strength.
  7. I look after my health, physically, mentally and spiritually.
  8. I forgive myself for all past failures. I use the feedback for propelling me to something better.
  9. I forgive others, I am emphatic and understand that people do what they do because of what they know and believe at the time.
  10. I love myself and share that love with all those around me.

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