Long distance relationships are never easy, but they do work. Here are 5 tips to keep you close and your love alive and strong!

  1. There must be a strong foundation in place. Understand and embrace reasons for the set up from the word go. Avoid unrealistic expectations from the onset. Be specific about how many times you will be in contact or see each other.
  2. Constantly work on your relationship. Despite distance and work schedules, all effort must be reciprocated in order to create a healthy balance.
  3. Maintain contact and communication. Find cheap alternative ways of staying in touch. Make time for visits and make memories whenever you are together, give things or create moments of sentimental value. Cherish the time you are together and focus on activities that are inclusive and that you both enjoy!
  4. Always be honest, especially in case of any life changes that may affect the course of your relationship. Regularly revisit and review commitment and goals in order to stay on the same page. Know each other’s schedules and avoid situations that create mistrust.
  5. Enjoy alone time, or time with others. See the time apart as an opportunity to do other things.  Utilize me time positively and get support from friends and family, this will take the focus off your relationship and add more quality and fun to your life!

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