We probably all have one thing on our New Year resolution list that we probably just won’t do, for some reason or other. Here’s why we shouldn’t feel guilty about it …

On paper, it appears to be an important objective or exciting idea, but we never really get around to doing it, we can’t seem to make the effort.

Usually, the beginning of the year marks goal-setting time

We are normally at our most energetic and expectant. We want a new beginning, a different life experience, a clean slate. We list our aims and set out to achieve them, only to forget, and have them show up again in the next year’s list!

One of the reasons why we never quite tick off certain items is because they don’t really align with our core values at the time

We live in a shared and interactive environment; we sometimes adopt a certain interest because it appears like a good idea. We love it, it seems popular or beneficial but we can’t get around to actually doing it, because deep down it does not resonate with our core beliefs.

So how do you know if something is just not for you?

  1. Time and effort

You bought that exercise DVD but you just can’t find time for it, from January to December. Try as you might, you just cannot fit it into your schedule. In fact, when you do eventually find free time, you’d rather eat ice cream on the couch or log into facebook than do it. Each time you reassess your priorities, it makes the bottom of the list.

Every time you look at the to-do list, you cringe. You do not have the motivation or zeal to get it done. Time and effort work hand in hand: if you cannot find time to do something, then you are probably not making any effort to do it. Time and effort work hand in hand: if you cannot find time to do something, then you are probably not making any effort to do it.

List-writing – while great for organising our priorities – can be limiting to our freedom and creativity. Perhaps exercise DVDs are not for you: maybe you are a morning-walk or run person instead? You will never know until you go jogging instead!

If something were important to you, you would easily shift things around and slot it into your lifestyle painlessly. Remember to do things that you like to do: those are the things that make you happy.

  1. Money and people

Perhaps you have always wanted to see the Great Wall of China but your excuse is that you have no money, or have no one to go with.

While it is great to dream big, at times we rob ourselves of joy by biting off more than we can chew, and if we were to depend on others to get anything done, we would not achieve very much.

It helps to break down goals into smaller, more achievable ones over a reasonable and comfortable timeline. And while you are at it, perhaps you would like to ditch the regret and try an exhilarating long walk across Table Mountain instead?

Re-evaluating your values is the most liberating thing you will ever do for yourself!

Here’s to a guilt-free year!

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