Over time, we may develop habits that do not serve us. Habits that are harmful to our health, hinder our performance at work, offset our efforts for a better life or destroy our relationships. With some willpower, strength, courage and support, we can all kick these bad habits and start the year on a clean slate.


  1. It all starts with self-love. You have to love yourself enough to want to be a better person. You have to want your loved ones to know and experience a better version of you. You have to love yourself enough to want to move out of your old circumstances and want a new experience.
  2. Be honest with yourself. The truth is, long before your family and friends have pointed out your bad habits, you knew them. You know you drink too much, you know you spend too much time online and you know you are not eating healthy, but until you admit and acknowledge you have a problem, until you want to change, there is very little that others can do to help.
  3. Get support from family and friends. Our bad habits not only hurt us, but our close ones too. Find out what they would wish for you to accomplish this year. Do not make promises to change, but let them know you are working on yourself, and will appreciate all their support and kindness throughout your journey.
  4. Use vision boards or Journaling. Place these where you can easily see them in the morning. Update information on a daily basis and use images and colours to captivate your interest. This will help you track your journey and is a huge source of inspiration. For example if losing weight is your end goal, that dropping weight on the scale will encourage you to keep going!
  5. Forgive yourself for temporarily slipping back to your old habits. Long term habits have become ingrained in us and are not easy to kick. How you handle your moments of weakness will determine if you will keep going or quit. Be kind to yourself, be your biggest cheerleader!
  6. Associate yourself with like-minded people; join support groups where you will find new ways of coping and maintaining your new lifestyle, a shared strength, a belonging and a reassurance that you are on the right path.
  7. Feed your mind with positivity. Buy new material for the new you for example Inspirational books, music and DVDs. Declutter or Redecorate your home, get a haircut, relocate if you have to, prepare yourself for a new life in advance and create the environment you are looking for.
  8. Replace a bad habit with a new one. If eating junk food was your bad habit, replace it with eating healthy and exercising. For every bad habit, make a new good habit. It takes some practice; soon you will not identify with the old you. Seek Professional Help where and when you need it.
  9. Reward yourself positively for a job well done. Take a day off, eat ice-cream, dress up and go out to dinner with family!
  10. Inspire one more person in a similar situation, to kick their own bad habits. Keep the goodness going!

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