1. When relationships turn sour, or read a dead end, learn to let people go. “Shoulds” and “Musts” will only suffocate you and strangle others. No matter how much you care about people, no matter how worried you may be about them, release people into their personal journeys and let them be. It is a much lighter burden to bear than to stay in a toxic environment.
  2. Do not deny feelings of sadness, acknowledge them, feel them and address them. Feeling sad is not a sign of weakness, failure or backtracking. It is a natural process that normally follows a loss and is thankfully a passing phase. If someone has been unloving to you, forgive them for not knowing better and forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be dragged into negativity even momentarily. Grieve for as long as you need, but do not extinguish your own fire.
  3. Mind your own business. Look after yourself; use your skills and energy to nurture yourself. When you have nursed yourself back to life, you will find that you can give more, and share more with others and you will not have the urge to cling onto negative or toxic situations.
  4. In life there are takers who do not know how or what to give back. When you decide to give, expect nothing in return and never give to your depletion. If you have to, always take from your excess.
  5. Be comfortable with not knowing everything, not winning everything, not getting everything and not being liked by everyone. Celebrate your own unique achievements. Be your own best friend. Trust your gut feel. Be on Team You, Root for yourself even in the most challenging of situations. Always aim for your best self. Acknowledge your blessings, list them down and paste them where you can see them daily, practise gratitude, you will realise you have more and are worth more and this is an instant mood lifter.
  6. The biggest shackles are those we cannot see. Constantly declutter your thoughts. Practise right thinking and right action. Establish some personal cleansing rituals on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.
  7. Do not rely on the world to pump life, love and hope into you. Life is personal work. The direction, shape and quality of your life ultimately depend on you. It is normal to experience fear when embarking into unfamiliar territory; it is a disservice to the self not to try at all. Your desire to succeed must be bigger than the cost you have to incur to get it. Your wish for a healthy and happy life has to trump all doubts, fears and stagnancy.
  8. Have Faith in a Higher Power and ask for guidance, wisdom, peace and love. Follow up your prayer with practical positive action on the ground.

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