We have all been taken advantage of by someone at some point. It’s an awful feeling. You never see it coming because it’s usually done in the name of love, family or business, the things you are passionate about, so you invest your all!

People who do not know how to get what they want will use others. People who do not show gratitude for what’s been done for them, have used others. Spenders, who do not know how to keep anything or anyone, view everything including you as an expendable commodity.

When you have been used and are feeling like chewed up and trampled on. You have 2 options. 1. Lie there on the sidewalk, abandoned and rejected and make as much noise as you can, for the world to see how much of a victim you are, while you get stuck on the sole of this shoe and that, OR 2. Get up, silently fight for your life, get back your dignity and keep walking with your head high.

Fighting a user is like joining pigs in a mudslinging contest. They will destroy you. That is the whole point; they want you to be like them, or worse. There is no better revenge than to riser taller and better than before.

Do not give negativity any attention or publicity, Get up, work on yourself and silently strategize your success! That is the one if not the only thing that is going to save you. Choose to be a Winner instead of a Whiner.

Learn from your suffering. Pain comes to teach us something, or to help us grow. Use your pain as a currency to catapult you to a better life. Otherwise, your misery would have been in vain. Help others in a similar situation than you, to overcome their own tribulations and become better.

Instead of relying on your circumstances, or reacting to what others are doing around you, know that all the time, you have the power to determine the shape, direction and quality of your life.  Each morning, you have an opportunity to wake up, edit and rearrange your life. When your actions are a daily controlled, conscious and deliberate inclination towards light, positivity and happiness, you will begin to see changes for the better, and when you practise this quite often, it becomes ingrained in your very identity and who knows, perhaps your very environment too.

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