I specialize in the relationship you are having with yourself (Personal Development) and others (Relationships). As a Life Coach and Mindset Expert, I will help you find clarity, purpose and empower you to achieve your goals. The coaching process focuses on specific personal projects, like how to overcome personal challenges in life, relationships, career or business. We will look at what is going on right now, what the obstacles or challenges are, where you want your life to be and what resources or course of action you will need to achieve all that. I will help you excavate your own inner wealth and wisdom regarding way forward.

How it works:

Life Coaching is a very action oriented and future focused process. I will ask you questions that will help you evaluate your life, see it from a different perspective and then while you take the necessary steps, I will support you all the way from planning to execution through guidance and motivation. I will help you find what feels right for you by helping you to reveal the answers to yourself.

Coach -Coachee relationships are founded on morale ethics and ‎all correspondence is confidential. Sessions are conducted Online (Whatsapp Video, Teams, Zoom, Skype) or Telephonically. The number and frequency of Sessions varies from one individual to another and is dependent on the outcome of objectives. I recommend a minimum of 6 – 9 Sessions per year. Sessions should be more frequent at first, becoming less frequent as you adopt new strategies and techniques. I work with everyone from all walks of life, adults, teens, tweens, couples, family mediation, groups /gatherings, social events and corporate personnel. I look forward to your booking. Join hundreds of clients who have successfully restored peace, invoked healing, cultivated love, and advanced their purpose!

You Need a Life Coach if You:

Are stuck at crossroads or in a rut

Are hitting lots of dead ends or are going around in circles

Mostly feel unhappy, hopeless or not in control

Have a cluttered or chaotic life

Desire change but do not know what to do

Are having a difficult time going through change

Occasionally need a sounding board or guidance

The Benefits:

Discovering new and fresh perspectives

Become a more focused and confident person

Set and achieve your goals

Find inner peace and happiness

De-clutter your life

Rise above challenges and stress

Tap into your power and live your best life

Processes and Techniques (Mindset Coaching)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro: Brain, Linguistic: Language, P: Programming

NLP is an attitude and methodology of mastering how to communicate, achieve your goals and live a rewarding life. It seeks to change the internal dialogue; uncovers, unpacks and adjusts the value or beliefs system and re-frames the experience or thought process to give them a new positive meaning.


CBT develops ways of thinking and associated behaviors that are more productive and likely to assist an individual reach their desired goals in life. The strategies, activities, techniques and exercises used are effective in helping individuals identify self defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It aims to help them uproot these and learn new ways of taking charge.